5 wedding hacks for a smart bride

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5 wedding hacks for a smart bride

Big weddings can be a money sap. Many people claim that all weddings are an incredible waste of money. But what about if you believe in the romance, tradition or religion of the ceremony and celebration? Well, you’re entitled to your big day. And if you have a willing partner wanting to say “I do” then congratulations, your nuptials are likely just around the corner.

Most brides-to-be realise that their dream wedding, including a John Legend private show and a horse-drawn carriage, is not plausible. So, they set about creating something that is more realistic and in line with the budget they’ve outlined. Regardless, the planning and preparation have seen many a soon-to-be-wed bride turn into a bridezilla. There are so many things to think of and seemingly, always too little time to create perfection. And while most brides want their big day to be something of fairytale proportions, the reality is that often it can be a precarious affair. Things can easily go wrong and setting your expectations too high will only see you in tears when they’re left unmet. But there are some wedding hacks that are smart and will help any bride have a far less stressful experience.

On your big day, you should have your bridal party and your mom at your beck and call. This crew of “handmaidens” are there to ensure you don’t do silly things, like drink a cup of coffee once you’re in your wedding dress. Trying to get that stain out is not something you should be hassling with just before you meet your new spouse at the altar. So your bridal party will keep you safe, clean, happy and calm. But there are a couple of hacks to be aware of leading up to your wedding that you can do to help yourself.

Here are five wedding hacks every bride should know about.


Be bra savvy

No matter what style of dress you choose, consider sewing your bra into your dress. Strapless, off the shoulder and lace are all popular styles for wedding dresses and many brides spend a fortune on new wedding underwear to suit the dress. But by sewing your bra into your dress you won’t have to think about whether it’s sticking out as your dress shifts throughout the ceremony and first dance. You’re in the spotlight, this is your time to shine and underwear peeking out will dim your sparkle.


Protect your heels

Many brides have taken to wearing flats or even sneakers underneath their dress. Of course, this means no sore feet which is a win. But some women want to wear heels because heels look beautiful, can make you feel like a goddess, and are having a sophisticated wedding where sneakers would be out of place. If this is your style and you want to wear a pair of Christian Louboutins on your special day then go right ahead. But protect your heels from being destroyed by grass, sand or gravel. You can do this by purchasing heel protectors which will protect the heel, heel breast and heel lift. Also, these handy little protectors have a wide flare at the bottom giving you more stability too.


Do away with favours and programmes

Every bride seems to think that giving her guests a gift is necessary. But in truth, these favours are often left behind on the table. This is an incredible waste of money. Rather offer them a piece of nicely wrapped wedding cake to enjoy or ask your photographer to snap some polaroids for them to take home. Buying a keepsake is always a waste because the event is truly keepsake enough. Furthermore, programmes are truly unnecessary. Everyone knows the basic outline of how your wedding will play out. What’s more, you’ll have servers, bartenders and venue staff around to assist guests who have questions.    


Found the right venue, hate the decor?

Hunting for your perfect venue can be extremely tiresome. You’ll often find what you like but at the wrong price or something you think is pretty but too big or vice versa. Many brides end up choosing a venue that practically works but isn’t their ideal setting. Of course, you can hire someone to bring in decor and turn a drab old conference venue into a Morrocan Nights setting but it’ll cost you a fair amount of your budget.

If you don’t have the money you can consider cheaper options that won’t require a remodelling crew. For instance, if you hate the wallpaper hire a couple of projectors to run throughout the night with your favourite pictures projected on the open walls. If the ceilings are really high and making the space feel empty, then include a helium-filled balloon in your table centrepieces. Allow for ample height so they create an almost faux ceiling above the heads of your guests.  


And lastly, personal hacks for the bride

When it comes to your makeup and your “look” on your wedding day, you need to start preparing well ahead of the big day. You see many brides find themselves steeped in stress before they get married. The result is breakouts, dark rings under your eyes and dandruff symptoms. Stress plays havoc with your body and almost every bride will tell you just how difficult this time was.

You need to assess your problem areas well before the time and schedule a couple of sessions with a skin professional. Top notch skincare routines will help you look gorgeous on your wedding day without wearing a mask of makeup. And you should include hair care in this time of preparation too. Stress can bring on dandruff symptoms, oily breakouts and dryness. If your hair is looking terrible then make sure you invest in some treatment shampoo and conditioner and visit your salon for a professional hair or scalp treatment.

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