Gifts for the groom-to-be



Gifts for the groom-to-be

Giving a gift to your future husband is a tradition. Of course, it’s one you don’t have to stick to. But if you and your future spouse choose to exchange gifts, it’s a special and meaningful tradition. You could choose to give gifts the night before the wedding, the morning of the wedding or even after all of the festivities are over. So, if you do decide to exchange gifts, here are some options for your man.



Cufflinks are a great gift idea because your man can wear them on the wedding day – and many other days. Perhaps you could even start a tradition that he wear them yearly on your anniversary. And the best part about cufflinks is that they're easy to personalise. You could choose to add his initials, your initials, a combination of both or your wedding date. The gift will be so much more personal and special.



A watch is another good gift idea that you can make use of on the wedding day itself. You could even attach and sweet and cheeky note, “See you at 4pm!” And the ideal part is that he’ll be able to wear it for many days to come. It’ll soon become a very special part of his wardrobe and will be something he reaches for daily. It too can be personalised with his initials or your wedding date.



A new fragrance can be an incredibly special gift. That scent will always remind him of your special day and take him right back to that moment. Every time you catch a whiff of the fragrance, you’ll be transported right back to that special day too. It’ll remind you both of the places you went to on your honeymoon, the things you saw, the food you ate and the beautiful memories you made. And it’ll make an excellent anniversary gift for many years to come.


A little something for the honeymoon

If your husband-to-be already has his outfit for the wedding sorted, something for the honeymoon might be just what he needs. A set of luxurious toiletries in a leather wash bag is always an appreciated gift. Another idea that he’ll be able to use during the honeymoon is a pair of designer sunglasses. He’ll be able to get so much use from them during the honeymoon and for many years after that. The bonus? He’ll look great in all your holiday photos.


Something fun for the honeymoon

Your honeymoon is going to set the tone for your marriage. And the best way to make it especially memorable is to give him a little something you can both enjoy. A couple of your favourite sex toys will add an extra element of excitement to your honeymoon. Those breakfasts will be so much more romantic as you think about what you did with each other the day before. And you’ll be able to continue using your toys for many years, adding fun and excitement to your lives.


A special experience

Research has shown that people tend to prefer receiving experiences rather than physical items as gifts. You could choose to give him something that he could experience during the honeymoon or even something to look forward to on your return home. Ideas could include tickets to see his favourite sports team or maybe scuba diving lessons during your honeymoon.


Something for your home

Buying something for your home is a great idea as it gives you both the opportunity to enjoy the gift. Every time you glance at your new artwork or custom light fitting, you’ll remember your wedding day and fun honeymoon with a smile.