Things to do to save for your wedding

wedding budgetwedding budget
wedding budgetwedding budget

Things to do to save for your wedding

Weddings can be expensive, but they also don’t have to be. The problem comes in when people underestimate the cost of all the little things. And you can ask any married couple – the little things definitely add up!

And while there are things you can do to save money on your actual wedding, at the end of the day, you’ll still be spending money on the wedding. Money that has to come from somewhere. And if you’ve already been asked or popped the question yourself, it’s time to start saving.


Start with a budget

If you want to save with a purpose (other than getting married), you need to start with a budget. It will be a lot easier to save when you know how much you need to save up. There should already be a rough figure in your mind, but when you start venue searching, dress and tuxedo shopping, ring browsing, menu tasting, photographer consulting and guest list planning, you’ll have a more realistic idea of how much you’re looking at.

When you add it all together you’ll have your overall cost from which you can set a budget and start working out how much you’ll need to save every week leading up to the wedding. There’s your budget and now it’s time to save. So, where exactly can you save?


Bulk savings

Open a savings account specifically for the wedding money and any all savings and contributions will be placed in this account and used only for wedding things. If your parents and parents-in-law-to-be have any contributions to the wedding (which is usually the case), it will be a great base for you and your fiancé to start laying down deposits with.

But, if you don’t have outside help, you can start by saving a percentage of your and your partner’s salaries every month. Any bonuses, part-time work money and cash gifts can come together to form the bulk of your wedding savings.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay deposits for many of your wedding items in advance in order to secure the booking for your wedding date. The sooner you can establish a base for your savings, the sooner you can start securing your wedding day.


Lower monthly expenses

To make the portion of your salary that you save more substantial, you may want to lower your monthly expenses – so what you save from cutting those costs can go into your wedding account. A few things you can consider cancelling or reducing are:

  • Gym membership: Think about it. Honestly. How often do you go to the gym? And how often do you do exercises in the gym that can just as easily be done at home? What about your “I can go to any gym with this card” perk? You don’t really need it and you can save money every month just by sticking to one branch.
  • Water and electricity: Utility costs aren’t always constant throughout the year, but by being water conscious (saving water where you can) and using electricity only when it’s necessary, you can reduce the cost of your utility bill and save that cash for your wedding.
  • Internet: Wifi seems to be a must in every home, but if you and your fiancé are currently living in separate places, both with your own wifi routers and contracts, one of you should be able to cancel. Spend more time at your significant other’s place (even if it’s just to use their wifi). If you live together, think about whether having internet is a necessity. Dongles can work when absolutely necessary and will be a more affordable option.


Sell a car

When you and your partner are married, there may not be a need for both of you to have a car. If the circumstances allow it, where you work close enough together to lift club in the mornings and afternoons, one car will save you both money on servicing, petrol and car insurance.

Use a car retail value calculator to figure out how much you will be able to sell your and your fiancé’s car for. Quote for both to get an idea of what each are worth to decide on who ends up selling their car. The money from selling the car will be a welcome contribution to your wedding fund and you can include the money you would otherwise be spending on insurance and petrol.


Make your own coffee

Instead of buying a takeaway coffee before work because it makes for a great Instagram story, make your own coffee. Many offices have coffee available and it takes about three minutes and zero money to do so. Another option is to buy a travel mug and make coffee for yourself in the morning to have on your way to work.

It may seem like a few bucks in a week, but if you add it up, you’ll be surprised at the total amount of money you spend just on takeaway coffee. Almost as surprising at how much money all the little things of your wedding add up to.



Dinner dates are more romantic and affordable at home with a few candles and mood music. Your partner will appreciate the effort of a home cooked meal and your wedding fund will appreciate you not eating out.

If you can make dinner meals in bulk that can be frozen and spread out across the week, you’ll also be saving bits of cash that can be transferred into your wedding account.


Keep your goal in mind

It seems to be all about compromise and sacrifice from luxuries, but if you keep your end goal in mind, you won’t think twice about making the necessary changes. If you manage to save enough to meet your calculated budget (and possibly a bit more) you will be able to have everything you want for your wedding.


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