How to choose the perfect wedding outfit

wedding outfitwedding outfit
wedding outfitwedding outfit


How to choose the perfect wedding outfit

Attending a wedding is always a happy and exciting affair. You are able to watch people who are close to you join hands and hearts on one of the happiest days of their lives. You can enjoy a beautifully decorated venue and some delicious food with your favourite people. But, you might not know how to find the perfect wedding attire for the occasion.

The wedding invitation can help with how to dress for a wedding as it will list if you need casual or formal wedding attire. You can look for dresses to wear to a wedding by sticking to the invitation guidelines, or you could judge the attire based on season. For example, summer weddings call for a floral print cocktail dress and light colours, whereas a floor length gown might be better suited to a winter wedding. Stuck for ideas? Read on for advice on choosing the perfect wedding guest outfit.


Rule number one: never wear white

This should be common sense for all wedding guests, but it is important to remember at all weddings. This is true even if the bride is not wearing white, as it could confuse other guests and distant relatives or friends.

If you know that you look good in white, rather opt for a pale- to medium-pastel coloured dress. This way, you will still be complementing your skin tone but you will not be in danger of upstaging the bride. Another important colour faux pas to remember is not to wear black, unless the code states black-tie-optional. A little black dress paired with colourful accessories is a good go to, but black alone might look too morbid and dreary for a spring or summer wedding.


Read the invitation

The wedding dress-code on the invitation should not make you feel uncomfortable but actually steer you in the right direction of choosing wedding guest attire. For example, if the invitation says the dress code is semi-formal, you could opt for a tailored dress with more comfortable shoes.

If there is nothing listed on the invitation, you should send the bride an email or phone her to ask what she would prefer you to wear. She might be busy, but it is always better to be sure in case you are over- or under-dressed on the day. For colour clues, the invitation is a good go-to option. You could also find out the dress-code from the bridesmaids, as they will be aware of any colour schemes or themes that will be used at the wedding.


Focus on location for footwear

Footwear for weddings can be tricky. This is because destination weddings and outdoor ceremonies are becoming more and more popular, which might mean that high-heels are out of the question. You will have to think carefully about what to wear based on the venue and location.

For example, if the ceremony is in a grassy area, then you should rather opt to wear wedges or flat shoes in a dark colour to avoid stains and for comfort. For a beach wedding taking place on the sand, open-toed sandals or even glittery flip-flops are a good idea. Be sure to bring along formal shoes in case the celebrations move indoors. Look online at the venue’s gallery for a better idea of what shoes to wear on the day.


Avoid anything too revealing

We are all proud of our body and you might even enjoy flaunting it when you go out with friends. And while a mini-skirt and sky-high-heels is an acceptable ensemble for that type of outing, it is not appropriate wedding attire, no matter how hot the weather is on the day.

Instead of wearing a short skirt and see-through top to your bestie’s wedding, opt for a knee-length, tailored dress and cute kitten heels. You will still look fabulous, but you will also be respectful of the occasion and those who are attending. And the bride certainly will not be happy with a guest who is wearing shorts and a crop top to her big day. Rather opt for elegant and chic than short and revealing.


Pick a picture-perfect outfit

One of the best ways to choose the perfect wedding outfit is to think of how it will look in photographs. The choice of fabric can make a difference in how you look depending on the lighting, and a dark colour might come out looking too severe compared to lighter coloured outfits. Remember to never wear white, off-white or even cream to a wedding and always read the invitation for help on deciding what to wear.

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