Mouse sets the wedding trends

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Mouse sets the wedding trends

Planning your wedding for 2023? Well, you're in for a treat! 

There are so many jaw-dropping wedding trends that are set to be huge this year, which include fresh ideas for your ceremony and reception. This allows you to break away from the stereotypical wedding ideas of the past, which is very exciting. 

First up, and a trend that is continuing to grow, is having a small wedding. A small wedding equates to having around 60 guests versus the hundreds back in the day, and it’s a noticeable shift that we all understand due to shrinking budgets. 

Another big trend is bold and unique colours, where brides are steering away from the traditional white dress and pastel shades. Many are looking for those daring and unforgettable colour schemes that capture their personalities. Some colours that are seen to be on trend include gold, silver, copper, rose gold, champagne and ochre and are being hailed as one of the biggest colour trends for 2023. 

Bouquets are also seen to be more petite, which allows us to see the dress without it being hidden by wild abundant flower arrangements. 

Another big one is low key hair, keeping it simple. Many of us would like to look gorgeous on our wedding day but also feel comfortable, and less fixing to do throughout the celebration. 

Sustainability is a big trend. Many couples are looking to reduce their footprint and impact on the environment by seeking venues and wedding planners to provide them with options to have locally sourced foods and sustainable décor. And Granny Mouse Country House & Spa is just the venue to provide you with all of that. 

Even the ceremonies have become shorter, with many couples cutting the nuptials to half an hour, on average. 

Having messages of love and special memories sewed onto the dress and veil is a trend that seems to be gaining momentum – thanks to Angelina Jolie when she married Brad Pitt. 

While tradition dictates that partners get ready separately and only see each other until the ceremony, many modern couples are rewriting their wedding day plans and are now hanging out and getting ready together, helping to keep the nerves at bay.
So, embrace these modern, yet meaningful, wedding trends that make the day more about you as a couple, and with Granny Mouse’s wedding planners on hand to help with the entire process, you are sure to have the wedding of your dreams. 

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