Plan your wedding to perfection!

Plan your wedding
Plan your wedding

Plan your wedding to perfection!

Preparing for your wedding can be an exhilarating yet daunting task, often marking one of the most significant events you'll ever plan, remarks Sean Granger, General Manager of Granny Mouse Country House & Spa.

Amidst the whirlwind of wedding arrangements, the key to transforming this journey into a joyous occasion lies in asking the right questions, particularly if you've enlisted the services of a wedding planner to orchestrate your big day.

A wedding planner's role is to stand by your side, handling deliveries, liaising with vendors, and crafting an unforgettable event while adhering to your budget. To facilitate your wedding planning experience, here are some essential questions and considerations for brides-to-be, as compiled by the Granny Mouse team:

·         Availability and Flexibility: Begin by inquiring if your preferred wedding date is available at your chosen venue and whether the wedding planner is also available on that day. Maintaining some flexibility with your dates can provide you and the venue with options for seamless planning.

·         Scope of Services: Clarify the range of services your wedding planner can provide. Is it a comprehensive package that includes vendor coordination, such as flowers, or are partial services more suitable, especially when Granny Mouse Country House & Spa boasts specialized event coordinators?

·         Budget Clarity: Address those financial aspects upfront. Clearly define your budget, ensuring that all parties are on the same page regarding expenditure.

·         Day-of Coordination: Discuss the creation and approval of day-of coordination plans to finalize the wedding day schedule and ensure satisfaction among all involved parties.

·         Vendor Contracts: Determine whether you prefer individual contracts with vendors or if you'd rather have the venue or wedding planner manage these details. Early agreement on this aspect ensures everyone is aligned.

·         Experience Matters: When assessing potential wedding planners, delve into their experience:

o   How long have they been wedding planners?

o   How many weddings have they successfully executed?

o   What is their annual wedding workload?

o   Do they handle destination weddings?

o   Can you review their portfolio?

o   Are references available for you to contact?

o   Do they provide recommendations for other vendors?

o   How do they navigate and resolve wedding-day challenges?

o   Will they create a comprehensive wedding-day timeline for all parties to follow?

Remember, preparation is key. If you choose to celebrate your wedding at Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, rest assured that you'll be in the hands of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in orchestrating flawless, picture-perfect weddings.Top of Form

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